Sunday, May 27, 2007

Scrapin' pavement

My BMX is not a scraper bike.
Yet here I am, scrapin' it.


Nick said...

Both of my bikes have full-length scrapes on their fork legs and dinged-up downtubes.

I need more blaaanng

((lyledriver)) said...

Its funny, I think the use of the word 'scraper' here is a little misleading. I don't think their 'big rimz' are scraping wheel well, and I dont think their pedals are scraping pavement.

To me it looks like they're just ridin clunkers with ghetto dressed wheels.

I think Sailor's 'fast cruiser' is more of a scraper. He can scrape pretty easily.

In order for me to scrape pedal on the BMX, I have to be going fast, drunk.

Uhh.. where was I going with this..
Oh yeah, I'm stoked these kids are putting their money into computers and bikes, and not cars/guns/drugs

scraper biiiiiiiiiike

Nick said...

Duncan's new fork actually scrapes his tire. Hyphy as fuck!

Lyle and Leonard Mike = DETHROENED!

marlo said...


marlo said...

Oh, I just showed this to Adam. He says:

"Scrapers arent cars that scrape the ground. A scraper is when you buy a cheap old car, then you SCRAPE together the money to put on accessories and make it look pimp. Although they do scrape the ground because they're lowered, I believe thats the origin of the word, I first heard it used in Richmond, CA, by my ghetto friends about 4 years ago."

((lyledriver)) said...

IMO, A scraper is when you put giant wheels/rims on an otherwise stock american car. The larger diameter tires then scrape the suspension components and wheelwells.

Either way.. Velo Deco = Scraper bike workshop

morgman said...

Yep, running wheels that are larger in diameter than stock ones, usually chrome, scraping wheel well. The wiki for "scraper car" has a few examples. The kids in this video are modding their bikes to look like those cars (horrendous wheels give it away), and making us laugh in the process. Dammit, the song's stuck in my head again.