Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Heyyyy Youuuu Guyssssss

So, Camilo (aka FLASH, aka Cammy) is still going strong, riding his KHS South. He's made it to the most majikal place of all. Astoria. What's in Astoria that makes it so majikal?

The Goonies. Thats what.

Here's what FLASH has to say:

Hey everyone, the ride is crazy. descents that don't stop, hills that daunt the fuck out of me. I draft the pack, hit the hills, then FLY. I mean FLY. I'll have tons of stories for you when I get back. So far so good on the brakeless tip. I've earned the respect of all the fellow riders. at least the ones that can keep up. some riders have said they've never actually seen me ride my bike. I miss our rides. I'm gettin all emotion here in this wi-fi cafe. Skylar care to give me a hug? maybe that kiss?
anyways, miss you all a bunch. keep it real.

Thats funny, he didn't mention anything about the treasure map to "One-Eyed" Willy's hidden fortune. Fucker probably wants all the gold to himself.

There's a Chunk(s) joke in here somewhere too.
Look at how cute he is without his Bianchi hat.


Nick said...

Failure to use pre-existing "Goonies" tag: wrong.

Midnight Ridaaazzzzzzzz

Rhiannon Coppin said...

I'm glad Camilo is scouting out possible wedding locations for me. If only he could locate the secret cave of one-eyed Willie (is that euphemism I never got until now?) then I'd have me a pillaged gemstone for a ring.
Then again, pretty much all gemstones are pillaged, right?

Bryan said...
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Bryan said...

The real Goonies beach is in Bodega Bay, Ca at a beach called Goat Rock. Here's a picture of it.

Jordan said...

The REAL goonies beach? in CA??!?! are you fuckin retarded.. its just 10 mins south of Astoria called cannon beach, and the pirate ship come right out of the back of haystack rock, the largest free standing rock in the world other than ayers rock in australia.. california? get outta here jackass. Goonies is all Astoria OR baby