Thursday, May 24, 2007

Do you have any pirate memory games?

Heres a little vid of Tuesday's HeyFixie ride. They ended up at China creek. I was out rollin twennies,working on street that eve, so I missed the fun. (I even had risers on the freakin Cunny at the time. I'm bad at heyfixiing lately)

I was hoping to see Duncan drop into the Teacup, honestly.
Either way, big ups to the haunted (oooooh) for stepping up the 700cmx=D

In other news, I'm wrecking your NJS, one piece at a time.
My new bar/stem setup had me doing nosebonk to toeverlap to brutal impaling within 30 seconds of hopping off the rollers last night.

I got it in check within a few km of drifting though. The street never felt so close. Triceps are screamin, back tire's hissin, I'm like lowlife mike but with more RWD.

My boss asks me, "Are these for bad pedestrians?"

"They're just extra incentive to keep it precise."

Pirate themed Critical Mass. Tomorrow. Art Gallery. 6pm.
Because seriously, who doesn't fucking love dressing up like a pirate.


midnightsimon said...

heh, 700cmx - I like it.

I was hoping to see some airtime there though!

nikcee said...

airtime is coming, as soon as duncan gets his new whip... or i get footy of jeremys flyouts (he is the current champ).

quote of the week is proudly awarded to lyle for his 'extra incentive to keep it precise' line.

Nick said...

700CMX flyouts are one thing. Airing is another.

Freewheel vs. Fixed. China Creek teacup. Who does it first?