Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lay Falt to Dry

It seems the Portland Cycle Wear guys read NSMB as well..


morgman said...

a crub, 2 fents, 4 bricks, burshes.

Nick said...

I saw two giant freeride bikes Bobby McSaggin' around downtown today. The riders were wearing full-face helmets, and both bicycles were clean.

One rider was staring at a bike rack at Benny Three - that's 595 Burrard@Dunsmuir for all you posengeurs out there - and appeared rather puzzled as to how he was going to fit that monster in the bike rack. The last I saw, he was very nervously freelocking it.

I can't even imagine the stupid shit I would get up to 9" of travel on each end to save me from my hackery.