Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thats it. I'm outta here.

Forget BMX.
Forget 700CMX
Forget conversions
Forget Performance Commuters.

Forget everything you know.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bicycle Race

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shred the Gnar

The MC3 ride started out like any other, except for one thing. The turnout was INCREDIBLE. There was probably 150-200 people at the start. Lots of freakbikes, commuters, bmx's and fixies I was stoked, and nervous. "All these people are going to watch me hurt myself."

The ride headed west on National, and we decided it would be in our best interest to get to the spot ASAP to have time to practice and get set up. Once the ride rolled in, we knew we wouldn't be able to hold them back from rolling through the loading dock area. The crowd was just too big. I've never seen so many people at that spot.

Without a megaphone, Morgan had to address the crowd at full volume. Trying to explain the format of the jam. 10 minutes, anything goes, whoever lays down the best trick gets the prize by way of crowd vote.

I kept it low though, mildly airing the lip, abubacas on the bank, and a whole lot of failed 270° tire tap alleyoops. 10 minutes of non stop shredding is tough. I was faded by the end of the second song, and eventually it seemed like I couldn't land anything.

I was able to stomp Nick's bike a bit with my front tire, after he hung it up on the rail. One close call with Ryan too, other than that it was all smooth. I kind of just focused on the concrete, and tried not to hear the collective gasps each time I dropped the bike and ran.

When it was all over, the crowd picked Skylar as their favorite. No surprise there really =] He took the specially decorated bottle of Projekt-Whiskey, and really appreciated it. I think it was the burley 360 over the rail that did it.

It should also be noted that Camilo, Leo, LeoMike and a random kid on a BMX all took a hit or two at the bank on their respective rides. 700cmx.

When everyone was packing up to leave, I watched tall Paul ride his tallbike through the lot, and snag his derailleur in his spokes. Since his bike must weigh 50lbs, and he was towing a trailer of beer, the derailleur had no chance, around it went, and down Paul went. In true Proj-B fashion, we helped him get rid of the derailleur, and singlespeed his bike on the second cog. Not the straightest chainline, but he'd be able to go MC3 speed, and tow that beer. We caught up with the pack right at Granville.

Next up were the BCCLettes, and a whole lot of security. Leanne spoke with them diplomatically at the start, and must have assured them that there would be cute girls dancing,.. because in a few minutes, all the building's security guards were gazing towards the enticing swirls of red and black. They did La Bicicletta, with more people than I've ever seen, and it looked great. I missed the next one though, apparently it was a bit more interpretive.

Next we headed to the upside down church, where Megan Rose did some crazy looped up acoustic numbers. Though plagued with technical difficulties, I think she did alright.

After that was Kablamo. Now, I like capes, and I like the idea of riding around in them.. I don't like Orwellian chants though. I also don't like mock religious ceremonies that end in tomato fights. ..neither did all the people that gathered up front to watch this so called 'performance'.

We then took the seawall and rolled to the entrance of Lord Stanley's park. This was hilarious as a convention had just gotten out, and there were droves of suits walking on the bike path.

The brakes are getting their moves down. Tight choreography for sure. Special cameo by Morgan. I drink. Alison and Andy smoke. Leg is noticeably sore.

...and into the dark we go, West on Lee's trail. The 'clearing' I expected was not so much a clearing, but a spot where the soil had been trampled. I stood around that party socializing for as long as I could, before determining I had to ride home.

A brief stop at Engrish bay to lighten Morgan's load, and we rolled east to the drive for pizza. Another successful MC3 ride will ride on in my head for weeks to come.

In other news, Elite athletes often don't carry bike locks because they're concerned about weight.

I actually missed the triathlon Sunday morning, but did spend the day rollin around main. (its too bad cause I could use some carbon wheels) We hit the new shop SUPER CHAMPION, and checked it out. Nice enough guys, good boutiquey atmosphere. Prices seem reasonable for the stock they've got.

Monday, June 04, 2007


This friday is the annual MC3 Performance Ride, aptly titled BIKARNIVAL.

Its a rolling party, stopping only to get crazier, as people show off their respective talents. There will be performances by the Brakes, B:C:Clettes, Kablamo, Megan Rose, MC Uberkranker, and even Project-B!

We're hosting an open class street jam, with prizes. So get ready to shred the gnar and go big in front of a crowd. Bring whatever you want, BMX, Urban two sixxer, 700CMX, just get ready to get ill! (no parkour, sorry)

The idea is, we get everyone to the secret street spot, and have anyone who wants to participate in the jam line up along one wall. The rest of the crowd can watch from behind sectioned off areas. We wouldn't want any bike parts to fly up and hit ya in the face! Once the music starts, its a free-for-all on the spot. Our announcer will be letting the crowd know just how tough this stuff is to pull off, and at the end of 10 minutes, you can vote for your favorite trick. The person who garnishes the most cheering get to take the prize =D

<< Margaret Charles Chopper Collective >>
=== PRESENTS ===
BiKarnival - a Performance Ride!
Friday, June 8th
Meet at Science World Gazebo 6:45
Performances start at 7:00
Ride leaves at 7:38 sharp