Monday, December 18, 2006


Point form Project update

-Project-Pho is both educational and delicious. The vietnamese coffee is like liquid meth. No. Not like. It IS liquid meth.

-It seems the only way for Louise to out ride me, is to out drink me first. I can't keep up through Coal harbour without pedal strike. We portage over downed trees in Lord Stanley's cruising area. Louise says Hi to every man she sees.

-N1ck calls a Project-Breakfast meeting, then flails.

-LTR3 is officially owned by Project-B. We're going back Wednesday night to own the LTRace. Note: wear a lighter Jersey.

-Momentum's Harmonizer Party is off the hook. B:C:Clettes rock it THRILLER style, I die a happy zombie:

-Clancy's Angel's are alright. But everyone agrees Clancy must be stopped. The Tuxedo shirt Christian is pretty cool though.

-Sadly I don't win that Chrome bag I so desparately need.

-The quad-turntablists were just getting their electro on when we decided to leave.

-Reverse delta formation all the way out West to the UBC endowment lands to escort a lovely 'Clette and her station wagon Centurion. (carrying two panniers, two extra wheels, and a set of fenders)

-Back downtown for some Pizza, and road rage from our commercial vehicle driving friends.

-We hit the top of the Alley Kitten parkade to relax and reflect.

-Sunday's bike craft fair was pretty cool. Most of the patches and stickers you've already scene. Good thing I didn't set up a table for top tube cozies. That market was covered. I scored a Sprockettes Calendar, with no holes. DIY.

This was my last weekend in town, before heading to the frozen tundra of Hoth Alberta. I like to think that I made the most of it. Things seem to be falling into place. I've got goals for the upcoming year, and lots more fun to look forward to.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hey N1ck, want to race that train?

We gap 180 it, then we be like *BLAU BLAU*

(Note: I do not condone gun violence in any way, but it seems riding fakie while drawing a firearm could be a useful skill down south)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Another Blissful Midnight Ride.

Midnight Mass last night was awesome. With a wind warning of 70-100km/h, I didn't know if there would be many people out. It was still raining when I got to Grandview Park, and the group was huddled under an awning across the street. I didn't actually count, but I would estimate 20 people showed up. Only 1/3 of Project B reppin', but lots of friends. Awesome turnout for what would appear to most people as a dismal night.

I don't know whether there was an actual plan, but we headed down the Adanac path into downtown. Underneath BC Place and up Smithe. A convoluted way through downtown the underground of Pacific Centre. Down the first level and it's warm, really warm. We do a number of laps of the underground, up a level, down a level, backwards, etc. Re-congregated on Dunsmuir and south on Howe. Looking for another underground. It had stopped raining, but was still nice and slippery, so I practiced my 180 skids at every opportunity.

A sharp reverse u-turn just past Smithe and back to the sub-terranean. This is a service underground, and leads north, eventually back to the Pacific Centre underground. Confused looks from the delivery drivers down there. A stop for a possible flat tire at the back of the pack, but it turned out to be alright. We did a few more laps of the underground and got somewhat lost. So fun. At some point here we took our jackets off, as it had stopped raining.

North to Cordova, and under again just after Burrard. I locked into a nice drifting skid coming down the ramp and around the corner, but got it too far out. Unclipped one shoe, and that jarring motion caused the other to pop out too. A near sacking, but I ran it out unscathed.

We stopped at the waterpark on Coal Harbour and had entertaining conversations about the blogonets among other things. Haley was raving about her plastic bag shoe liners, leaving Simon F envious. Camilo was downing Bombay Sapphire. Tasty Baileys and hot chocolate from Alec, who was a MM regular last winter, before my time. Talked tallbikes with Maitland - now I'm torn as to whether to commuterize the Miele or chopperize it.

There was talk of a seawall loop but that was quickly quashed when we realized it was closed at the bridge. I suggested taking the trail past Lost Lagoon. Simon was down, and asked me to take the lead. I briefly caught up with Leanne, then we stopped to put our jackets back on - it was raining. Kirstin and I led the group, still 15 strong, through the darkness around the Lagoon. English Bay was windy and rainy, but blissfully secluded.

Another stop under the Burrard Bridge to regroup and discuss food options. It was getting later, and a few people decided to split off. We chose to ride the seawall to the Cambie Bridge and up to Broadway for pho. The bridge was intense with rain and wind. There was a big lineup of people camped out in front of the Best Buy, at which point a drunk Camilo (or should we just call him Flash) crashed into Simon F. They were alright though, and we continued up to CamBro.

There were eight of us left. We had enough locks to make a decent bike pile, and Maitland capped it off by laying his bike right on top. Pho was awesome, just what we needed. Lots of tea. Oker shot photos of the fishtank amidst a conversation about Alberta with Kirstin, Maitland told stories of teaching in Taiwan, Haley dozed off in the corner, and Camilo appeared to have sobered up slightly.

Heading east on Broadway was easily the highlight of the ride. Heavy westerly winds meant we'd have a tailwind to help us up to Main and Fraser, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Traffic lights blowing around. With banks of concrete, we flowed with ease up the Broadway River. Tributaries created entertaining turbulence. Nice sideways skids sustained by the wind. Haley shoots left at Fraser. Down the hill to Clark, Simon and I have a spinning match. 40/15 gives me an advantage over his 44/17. Maitland heads to north to Strathcona.

Just after Clark, a tree branch is blown across the street and I barely miss running the whole thing over, clipping the end of it. Whew. Kirstin and Simon call attention to my rear wheel, and an unexpected stowaway. A piece of newspaper got stuck in my the wheel, spinning around and around. Eventually it came out and wrapped around my left seat stay. I pulled it out, and let go. It blew ahead of us, then veered left and got stuck in Simon's wheel! Veritable bike herpes!

At CommBro, Simon pointed out a large tree that had been uprooted in front of Uncle Fatih's. I said we should stop and get some photos of it. I threw my bike up on top, Simon shot a few photos, and we all agreed this was an awesome ride. Going up Commercial was pretty crazy. Sporadic power outages, crazy crosswinds. We bid farewell to Kirstin at 4th, and continued north. Debris all over the road: patio furniture, tree limbs, newspaper. Down the turbulent north slope of the Drive, Simon and I exchange stoked goodbyes. Yes, it was an awesome night.

Photos should be up soon on Simon's Midnight Mass blog and Oker's flickr.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Since I don't know how to embed videos yet..

^Apparently N1ck didn't have to take this test. Its just written now.

^be sure to watch all of those =D

Monday, December 11, 2006


Whoa. Stop the track. I want off.

This weekend marked quite possibly the most mid December fun I've ever had.
Not a hard feat to accomplish really. The past few years I would have been sweating over 'the perfect gift' and trying to organize my plans for the upcoming break. It seems that this year, I'm much more on it. My xmas shopping is pretty much complete, leaving me time for debaucherous acts of bike sex and drinking. (comma intentionally left out from in between bike and sex).

Friday brought us another MC3 ride.
Or is it the MCBC? Jim keeps balking that not enough people are on choppers. The fact is, people are showing up in DECEMBER to ride bikes! BIKES IN DECEMBER! Anyways, there was about 25 people, (40ish % on choppers) that met up at the Gazebo. We took to the South side of false creek doing stupid bike stunts. Skylar ghost rides the whip, sans jazz hands. Up and over the Cambie bridge, and into Yaletown.
The library steps were a good spot to stop and drink. Paul gapped over half the steps on his 243, and some curious japanese girls chatted us up.
There was some disorganization as the crowd couldn't collectively decide on a plan. After a brief stint on the Granville strip, we headed down to the Inukshuk statue at Engrish bay.

I wheelied up the grassy embankment, flipping my bike into its parking spot at the top, and landing on my hip. I gazed up at the trees. At that point on the bay the trees have been decorated with lights, so that if you stand under them, you are not only illuminated, but have an incredble hue about you. If you wear a helmet under the trees, every light can be seen compressed onto the helmet. An infinity of xmas, on one piece of safety gear... or a tea kettle.

Rhiannon convinced everyone to join her for a magical half hour at the Hotel Vancouver. Bike parking in the parkade was a little sketchy, with fewer locks than bikes. I kinda wasn't feeling the idea of 7 bikers shuffling through the hotel, to get to a room for 30 minutes (to not have sex) then leave. I wanted to ride. Morgan and I offered to 'guard the bikes', which meant, we would lap around and check in on the bikes every few minutes. First we headed up the parkade. It was a pretty standard setup of ramps for vancouver, until we got to the top. the 7/8th level was half uncovered, as a corner of a building stuck out over top of it. So climbing at speed under the lights was a little trippy.

After chilling on the roof and admiring the art gallery from above, we decided to get it hectic. We started doing laps of the parkade, gaining and losing a level here and there.. something like 8,7,8,7,6,7,6,7,8,7,8...etc.. It felt like some kind of 3-dimensionaldrome. I think it would be fun to do that with more people, on different levels. I made myself a little dizzy.

Sure enough, the bikes were safe and sound, so we did a lap around the streets of downtown as well. Our energy was starting to bleed off. All of the bikers came out of the hotel, clothing in its original place.. Exept for Haley and Skylar, who got up to some adventure on an abandoned floor of the hotel.

We ended up waiting for them at the art gallery before breaking up and making our way back to eastvan, via Main street for some reason. I needed to get a stem from N1cks house, and it was right where it was promised. SR Sakae Giger alien looking thing. Kind of cool, kind of fugly. Its black, drillium, and 10mm longer than my other one. Thanks NikC=D

^My new stem

The next day, after going out for Projekt-Breakfast, I got to work on the bikes. I didn't spend too much time on Morgan's new Miele, just a few tweaks here and there. After my stem swap, I managed to rewrap my bars using my orignal tape too.

Around 7 we gathered to head to the Drome for our LTR2 class. It worked out really well, as it was Myself, Morgan, Andrew, Brandon, and Simon F. Just 5 of us, with the track to ourselves. Innuendo to make Clair blush. No handed laps. The reacharound. Only one near crash for me, as Morgan got all up on our paceline without me knowing. The Trackies were actually impressed with our riding, as was Clair.
It was a pretty good class. Stop the track, I want off.

After the drome we got geared up(down) for Jackie and Adam's sexy Global Warming Xmas Beach Party. Swim trunk and sunglasses. Which way to the beach? ..7 blocks south of course. Hot bikers getting sweaty without their steeds. Debaucherous, and Lecherous are two words that come to mind. I had to make a quick getaway just as things were getting really steamy, which sucked in some ways, but was good in others. I didn't want to get a sunburn.

Sunday afternoon we (slowly) made our way to OCB to scrounge up some parts. I got spokes and balls for Kira's wheel, and morgan found a decent 110mm, 52T ring. We then hit a Martini brunch with the Pod6 crew, where we were served exquisite truffles and other holiday treats. We also admired Drew's new Surly Cross Check, outfitted with a Shimano Nexus-8 hub. We didn't make it to Mighty, but MEC had the stuff Morgan needed anyways.

Building Kira's wheel last night, proved to be quite difficult. I was lacking in brain power by that time, and I couldn't get the wheel to lace together properly. As it turns out, the new rim has a 'slightly' different ERD due to its profile. So my 296s were too short for the drive side, and my 298s were too short for the other side. I used the 298s on the drive side, and I'll have to get some 300s today or something. Confusing? Try it hungover with little sleep. It should come together pretty easily tonight though... that is, if I don't do Louises Bridge on Bridge action ride.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

blogging the blog-o-blog

This is me blogging Simon's Midnight Mass Blog. Blogging my own horn because I shot the photos for the anniversary ride on November 23. Blogging that you should come ride with us on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. It's a blogging good time.

Feisty Simon blogs his anniversary cupcake with a vengeance:

Woo! New bike day!

First, you have to read this comic:

Then, you can read about my new bike.

It's a late '80s Miele, with white to blurple pearl fade paint. Riser bar came on it, which is a plus. Shimano Light Action shifters and derailleurs, white brakes with Miele screened on, stock with 700c wheels.

The "Baby Come Back" top tube protector that Lyle made a couple weeks ago is perfect on it. Funny, because he found the fabric scrap at Dressew and had to buy it, but it didn't fit on any of the bikes we tried it on until now. It was meant to be.

My plan is to run it as a 6-speed with the 52t up front, 28c tires, and the riser bar.

Monday, December 04, 2006

arts and crafts time

bored + drill = bike accessories.

How to make it through the slush

1) keep the weight as far back as possible

2) loosen up the arms, but maintain a good grip on the bars

3) let the front tire go where it wants to. steer with the hips. no sudden movements

4) hammer on the pedals and keep that momentum up.