Friday, May 04, 2007

My wheelz is growin

You may remember a few months back, when this started out as a hot little 16" zoobomb wheel. Well, after that blew up on a hooned out MC3 ride, I decided to build it bigger.

Here are the specz:
20" Alex MX22 rim 48H
Shimano FH-M475 hub 32H
24x 175mm spokes
16x 185mm spokes
8x punk rock spikes
12T cog
2x KMC 510HX chains
Tektro rotor
Hayes Caliper
.243 dropouts and tensioners

I think I'll need to gear this thing down, as its now about 87 Gear inches. N1ck, give me my cassette cogs back!


gabrielamadeus said...

gear it down? Whah?!?!

Oh yeah it's not racer class anymore, so I guess....


Nick said...

I'm in ur partz binz, stealin' ur cogz.