Monday, June 04, 2007


This friday is the annual MC3 Performance Ride, aptly titled BIKARNIVAL.

Its a rolling party, stopping only to get crazier, as people show off their respective talents. There will be performances by the Brakes, B:C:Clettes, Kablamo, Megan Rose, MC Uberkranker, and even Project-B!

We're hosting an open class street jam, with prizes. So get ready to shred the gnar and go big in front of a crowd. Bring whatever you want, BMX, Urban two sixxer, 700CMX, just get ready to get ill! (no parkour, sorry)

The idea is, we get everyone to the secret street spot, and have anyone who wants to participate in the jam line up along one wall. The rest of the crowd can watch from behind sectioned off areas. We wouldn't want any bike parts to fly up and hit ya in the face! Once the music starts, its a free-for-all on the spot. Our announcer will be letting the crowd know just how tough this stuff is to pull off, and at the end of 10 minutes, you can vote for your favorite trick. The person who garnishes the most cheering get to take the prize =D

<< Margaret Charles Chopper Collective >>
=== PRESENTS ===
BiKarnival - a Performance Ride!
Friday, June 8th
Meet at Science World Gazebo 6:45
Performances start at 7:00
Ride leaves at 7:38 sharp

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