Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sideshow at the Velodrome

The Burnaby Velodrome invited the East Van fixie kids back to be a sideshow to their Three Day event, after a great reception at January's Six Day. Proj-B was asked to help organize the "fixie" events, which gave me and my broken collarbone a chance to do something other than support a 180-to-backward circle.

Thanks to everyone who did show up for coming out. The track shows their support for us by providing a slot; it's up to us to fill it. When things were first getting going, there were only four "fixies" signed up to race. However, after a bit of time, more of us trickled in for a total of 7 racers - a couple short of the Six Day turnout, but to our credit there were a lot fewer "trackies" out than in January.

I would like to send out a specific thank-you from Project-B for the enthusiasm you guys brought. The blindfolded trackstand was hilarious, and should provide us with some great photos. Your feedback will directly affect future events, so be sure to keep talking.

Hopefully, with more interest at the next event, we can look forward to some more track time, as the BVC is willing to work with us. I would also hope that our local shops will get behind us for the next one, as there's a lot of great energy going around that 200m oval.

Until next time, when I will race again, and titles will be defended... looks like both Mike and I are undefeated at the moment. Keep posted to the Proj-B for more track-related hoonery. And remember, you have to get off before you blow Chunks.


marlo said...

My favourite was when the announcer decided I was Lyle's girlfriend. Either that or when I almost grabbed the ass of the guy wearing the Escape Velocity shorts.

((lyledriver)) said...

My favorite part was grinding the Cunny around it's home track in 48/14, riding shoulder to shoulder with Skylar, hopping the back wheel sideways while sprinting, Tilt from Adam, seeing everybody hustle hard, lounging on a couch, crashing off of Claire's rollers, and the ride home on Hastings with N1ck and NickB.

Rhiannon Coppin said...

Them's is fightin' werds.

marlo said...

I know, Rhiannon, right? Stupid announcer! Lyle is YOUR bitch, not mine!

((lyledriver)) said...

Ladies... please.. =D

(Marlo, I think you've got 'playing switch' confused with 'being the bitch')