Monday, July 26, 2010

Finally, a brake that won't slow you down.

A little bit of irony in this ad for some new Hayes hydraulic levers spotted on NSMB. Looks like they've added an adjustment to the master cylinder to tweak brake action and modulation. I am more interested in brakes that do slow me down, however.

So if it wasn't obvious enough from my flickr page, I've been spending the majority of my two-wheeled time on the North Shore, attempting to conquer super technical trails on my Kona Chute hardtail and shooting a ton of photos. Here are some of my recent favourites (click for big!):

Jumped this massive stepdown gap on Cypress last week... that was a rush.

Our new riding buddy Roger likes to jump things too, like this log ride to dorp on Mt. Seymour.

Lyle is now loggin' miles on the freshly built Kona Unit single speeder.

We finally made our way to some of the lesser-traveled trails on the west side of Fromme, where Jodi hit this sketchy line.

The successful riding of the heron swamp section on our current favourite trail, Ladies Only, is a big highlight.

We miss our good bud Khaled, whose steezy jumps such as on Squamish's Half Nelson are now being forced on unsuspecting Europeans.

He did refer me to fellow forest lover, Ghostrider, who likes to take it easy down the hill - just the way I like it.

And even silent ProjB Brandon has been found back on a mountain bike, taking it to the Extreme on Burnaby Mountain.

Finally, while last week we threatened to kick Nick out of ProjB for parting out his dream bike, he is making huge progression on his BMX and has been given another chance. We spent the afternoon at Confed with a hipster briefcase and a picnic that the neighbourhood ants just loved. My camera battery had just died, but I will confirm that Nick got above coping on the mini bowl more than once. In lieu of that, check out this radical stunt by way of Alan.