Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Timestretching is not a Crime

Argh. Some massive OTB to falt yesterday afternoon has left me with bruised ribs, destroyed traps, and a splitting headache. That being said I'm listening to Kraftwerk, eating T3z, and attempting to record this in some useable format while enjoying the last day of my 3 day weekend. Timestretching is not a crime.

Last night I gave a talk at Vanhackspace and was completely out of it. I think I rambled on for possibly up to 20 minutes covering Tires, bearings, brakes, drivetrain, cable systems, and bike fit. Pretty sure the nerds were into it.

This guy named Aki made a sweet VR google maps java mashup to trainer bike in his garage. I was stoked to check out the glasses. He's tweaking the ping rate to the gmap server to make it look more fluid as well.

There was also a fellow electronic/fabrication guy showing off his 1100W electric tadpole trike. Full custom motor controller. Thing was sick. Looked stupid fast.

Also presenting was the guy who does Critical Mass radio. Its hard to describe, but he had an electric modded Kona, with a crazy custom class AB Op amplifier that ran off the 48V that the hub takes as well. The thing BOOMed... apparently he's just over CRTC wattage regulations with the transmitter as well. I <3 stereo bikes. The ride home at 11:30 was tough.

Related: bike fetish day just happened in Brooklyn last weekend, and the dirty jerz got some shots of something that just completely does it for my shaved ice bike stereo fetish.

OMG. look at that thing. Monitors in the side, leaf springs and all. daaaaang.
I want to roll that thing bumping sick wolf beats:

ugh. dizzy. There was other stuff I wanted to blog about. but its like a broke jpeg in here.