Saturday, May 30, 2009

Leaving NYC

Wow. last post was May 12. Has it been that long?
I've been slacking.
Time flies when you are trying to Escape from New York.
This month I'm only somewhere over 700k.
I haven't ridden in the past 3 days.
I've possibly got damage to the upper bursa in my knee.
My apartment is in boxes.
I will soon live in a van.
I'll be off the internet for one or two months.
Wish me luck.
Perhaps I'll update with a photo here and there as I make my way across the USA.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Proj Meat

Met up with Meat today to put in some miles around the LES, Brooklyn, Queens, and midtown. All in all a successful ride, despite suffering crotch blowout on my Carhartts and nearly getting pinched by an ambulance (of all people)

It turns out we missed a group ride to the courthouse today, where people in support of the 5 Borough Bicycle Club were riding to the courthouse. The 5BBC is suing the NYPD for their tactics in dealing with Critical Mass over the past 4 years. (intimidation, bike confiscation, summons for 'parading without permit' etc)

Here's a Press release on the Time's Up page.

There are more and more people riding in NYC every day (especially now that its warmed up), and its just stupid that the NYPD is maintaining this stance towards a silly group ride that hardly interupts the momentum of this place.

And with more and more riders, comes more bike theft. Hal from Bicycle habitat is quite a character, and he's out rating your lock up jobs again.

(courtesy of streetfilms)

It turns out he invented the bicycle chain too! Incredible!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Zoobombing Mexico Style

Of course it's sponsored by Redbull...

Yesterday was Bike Fetish Day in Brooklyn and I attended in amongst my cargo van hunting.. and my Time Trial Tall won best freakbike category! (Sux to your mutandem WMD!!!)

Check out the photos on my friend Dom's Flickr. I'm sure WMD will have some shots up too, as he spent the carting around that giant lense of his.

Edit: Here's another Set from Jamie NYC

The weather is finally warming up again, so I'm thinking of stripping the fenders off my Spicer. Thats pretty much the best way to make it rain. Lots to do. Little time. I hope to get some riding in as well.

Friday, May 08, 2009


Hot on the heels of The Revival comes a little projekt from Neil and Tom, two of Vancouver's finest... Murder of Couriers, now shooting all summer long at a bicycle mayhem-type-event near you, and we're proud to bring you the trailer:

Lucas Brunelle's scooter-cam ain't got nothin' on Dancin' Dan!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Proj NYC is over.

..and not just for Haley and Morgan.

Sorry for the lack of material. Its been really hectic. Having friendly Canadian faces around was good for me. Though, now the countdown to a new life has really begun.

Here's Alan's report on the Freak The Beach ride.

In other Proj News, I think Brandon raced in the MayDays races at the Burnaby Velodrome. I also think N1ck aquired another GT, if only to use for the brake hanger. Morgan got a sunburn and Haley really should be given an account on here. Fuck. Girl beat me on my biggest month EVER.

The skies have opened up and we're getting a good soaking. I've put my fenders back on and straightened my bars. That of course has nothing to do with the fenders, but its a mystery how these ones got bent. I didn't even crash on them. Must have been on the horn hitting a pothole or something? Anyways, the fenders keep me drier longer.

Typed that too soon actually. I now HAVE crashed on those bars. I went down pretty hard yesterday. high speed hooked.

Lyle damage: swollen/scraped wrist, swollen knees, sore back
Bike damage: bars twisted on steerer, right crank bent, rear wheel out of true, saddle ripped open
Taxi damage: passenger side mirror removed and dangling from power cords

I'm going to go look at a cargo van out past the far Rockaways tomorrow. We'll see how much the bent crank bugs me after that.

Its really bittersweet. This mood. I knew the year would be short. But now that there are 3 weeks left, it seems REALLY short. Part of me wants to get back to Canada, part of me wants to dig deeper into NYC.