Tuesday, May 01, 2007

long dark twenties

It seems that due to the short nature of my front fender, my Bianchi is now wearing a bmx style bottom bracket sticker pack of cherry blossom petals. They're a great sponsor, but fucking slicker than the Pender sidewalk detour. Also slick is my new 26mm Everwear (by Panaracer).

On the subject, I seem to be encouraging Morgan to get back in the game. He's harassing the Macneil crew right now for Tenpack hooksup. "It's going to be candy, but not gummi bears... It's gonna be Werthers."

Stairmaster is going to make Megatron look mega-boring. Quick, someone set me up with more bling parts! I actually now need some hubguards.

My favorite bank has been sawzall modded to make the rail at the top more accessible. ..and during the last sesh I had there, I made the mistake of giving Morgan my bike for a minute, and he clean 2pegged it on the second try. I'm stoked, he's stoked, but then the fucker rubs it in.

This means I have to now hit it. Though, my peg style is slightly west of the wack, and somewhere around gnar street. This of course means that my outbound right spokes are going to be haggard real quick if I don't do something about it.

Oh but what's this? Morgan is OUT of the game for a bit?
I guess this is bad all around, as now I'm the only member of Project-B able to ride a BMX. On the bright side, I can probably make some progression towards that rail while Morgan works on the girly sympathy.

The weekend was pretty hectic, and I spent all my time with Alicia, who has now defected to the great white North. I didn't see the race, but we did end up at the hospital on Saturday night. I guess things will slow down a bit for me now. I've got a few things to work on over the coming months..

This week I'll probably just focus on the track racing.
I put about 100km on the Cunny this weekend, and I'm feelin it more and more. I suppose I have to learn to ride with drop bars by Saturday, as they won't allow bullhorns on track. I've got to make a good showing, as Morgan won't be able to stomp it.

Has anyone seen my 15T cog? Adam?

Bonus Level macaframa SF vid:

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