Monday, April 09, 2007


Kill Kill Die Die Kill Kill Die!

So.. what did this?

Tail tapping the planter at the Gazebo?
Dorp2falt at the false creek stop?
180 on the Granville tow lot bank?
Dropping the kinked stairs under the Burrard bridge?

It doesn't matter. I knew the wheel was a time bomb.
Friday was the night it went off.
I <3 MC3

You can bet I'll have this shit tight again soon.


nikcee said...

what is it with the ol'school rancid youtube links lately... its all so good... takes me back a bit though. oh, and the intro/first song to that album is the best damn bassline in the world.

TR said...

So I can't seem to join the fixed-vancouver forum but I was reading the discussion about bike drifting and there are tons of vids on youtube but this one is my favorite.