Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Do I come in to *your* office and start doing tailwhips?"

16" BMX + 885 West Georgia = comedy + panicked pedestrians. Morgan is the new n+1. DeBernardi paint chips are the new breadcrumbs.

Some guy apparently quit Novex mid-shift, causing Tara Borg to wind up with 30 trips in her bag. She seemed slightly less agitated than the random street shaman from yesterday, who was rather distressed re: what the movements of the Great Sun God portend these days. He seemed pleased with the rockin' aviators he found in the garbage, though. I'll ask him to divine the location of Camilo's bike the next time he comes around.

Around lunchtime, some Kiwi tourist got all snotty about how we could possibly work in all this "smog and filth" and was encouraged to "Go back to fucking Calgary, then, you fucking hick."

It's all elevators and ice cream, son.


marlo said...

But wait, Tara works at Dynamex. That's some weird-ass dispatching karma!

Nick said...

Such mysteries of the cosmos are best put to the wandering shaman for divination via pigeon-bone.

nikcee said...

i'm going to need video evidence of said ped scaring... image is proof yo

oh and yes so far i've managed to skate or trackstand in every office i've worked in. the best one was my no-foot-down bike room to street line @ 1050 pender complete with trackstands and backwards riding in/out the lifts. the security guards used to love me!

Nick said...

There are apparently STILL skidmarks in my housemate's office from our impromptu ginBull-fuelled post-Flugtag criterium.