Monday, April 09, 2007

Well, this doesn't look quite right, either.

180 to LOL.

On that note, Lyle has been officially dethroned from his brief reign as Vancouver's tire clearance king. Nagasawa Mike showed up to 885 rockin' less than a mil on his new crown, and the local fixed-gear scene is primed for a summer of ridiculous one-upmanship.


redskiedmorning said...

okay, projeckt b has the best blog on the interweb, for all I care. seriously, every time I read it I end up giggling hysterically and eliciting concerned looks from passerby, if only because I love anything tagged "catastophic failure," "gong show" and "oh snap" all at the same time.

You boys are my favourites. I'm gonna bake you cookies sometime.
<3 Leanne

morgman said...

Thanks Leanne! I'd wager that we've got some of the best header quotes as well =D

nikcee said...

+1 on the inanity and high levels of amusement provided by this fine URL. i saw filmer mikes (new name cuz the nag aint going to be his for much longer) new whip last night. the thing rides like a sweet dream.