Monday, April 16, 2007

Sun Run

Yesterday I woke up in a strange hotel room overlooking Burrard and Nelson. Things were strewn about as though it had been ransacked. The fountain out front had been filled with soap, and I don't think I slept more than 3 hours.

Yet, the bikes were still there. (The Sheraton people had offered to store them for us earlier, but when we looked at the tag that said 'not responsible for loss' we decided to park them in the room)

At 8am Rhiannon and I hit the streets to check out the start of the Sun Run. We played bikes on a closed off Georgia, and watched people warm up.

Then we hit the course ahead of the wheelchair racers and headed towards Stanley park. At the 2.5km point I was overheatin' something fierce, so I doused myself in a cup of water from one of the water stands. Winning the Sun Run isn't easy.

We then hung out at English Bay to watch the wheelchairs, then the fast runners go by. At this point I should mention that the fast runners were led by a Trio of promotional H2s and H3s driving in reverse delta formation. We told them to get some bikes.

After we got bored with watching runners, we went back to the Sheraton to drink the last of the courtesy alcohol, and gather up our stuff.

We had stayed there because Rhiannon was nominated for two journalism awards, at a dinner/party hosted by CBC personalities Gloria Makarenko and Zack Spencer. In packing up, I started to think it was a mistake to have had flowers sent to the room.

Why a mistake? Well, I hadn't really thought ahead, and didn't think that I would be the one to have to transport the flowers when we checked out. Back through downtown with a loaded bag, and a boquette of Lilies, Roses and Dendrobiums. Who's a posenger now?

Honestly though, that was pretty fun. Signalling lane changes with a large mass of flowers seems to work pretty well, and lots of post Sun Run pedestrians were pointing and smiling. Imagine if I were riding a tallbike!

I'm feeling pretty good about this weekend's events and don't think that they'll be topped too easily. But now it's work time for me.

PS- This week's Projekt-Breakfast had a special semi vegan guest star. I'll let N1ck report on that however.

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Rhiannon Coppin said...

Project-B better watch out for more breakfast crashers!!!! Consider yourselves warned!!