Saturday, April 07, 2007

According to my calculations...

My kill ratio for the last month is averaging one wheel per week, and the MC3 ride/travelling circus attracted just under 60 boozehoons - and it's only fucking April.

Yesterday had it all: Project Breakfast; a solid wrenching session at Lyle's with Brandon's new POOOOK (sexy crown, yes) as special guest star; the best damn Americano I've ever had; pre-noon tall cans; porchbeers with Kelly (who is now the new Skylar not by virtue of BMX prowess but by virtue of me stealing beers from her Chrome); the MC3 ride deteriorating into alcohol-fuelled hoonery before even departing the GZBOH; non-BMX things breaking by virtue of being ridden like BMX things; the calling of footdown derby; and Camilo's bike being recovered by none other than the vigilant eyes of Mr. Paul Artel.

Mood: fly
Music: Thirstin' Howl III & Rack-Lo: Lo Down and Dirty

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