Saturday, March 31, 2007

Well, this about sums it up

We tend to field a fair amount of questions as to what this Project-B thing is all about. Thus far, this is the best definition I've come across - three drunk guys laughing at each other while trying to make their bicycle trying to do something it wasn't really designed to be doing in the first place:

It's like Lumber Jetta, only with more bike. Also, back around these parts, that log would be destined to be used as a BMX tool.

Also, I left the house for Critical Mass yesterday with eight beers and a mickey of scotch in my bag. I returned with nothing.

'twas a fine day for the sport of kings out on the Grandview park polo grounds today, though. Haley was giving it like a Skylar/Tenten skid battle and bleeding about as much. Word persists of various bike nerd gatherings tonight and a FUCK A $25 RANDO, SON. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH BEER I CAN GET AT KINGSGATE FOR $25? ride out to Richmond tomorrow.

Fresh over-peg and nose manual-to-barspin poachings from The Come Up. Close your eyes during the dorps to falt, turn the volume off, and bump the new Crime Mob instead:

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