Thursday, March 22, 2007

On top of the world

A new addition to the Project-B stable tonight, as I was able to ride the new steed home from Pedal Play. That's now four running bikes living in my bike room. I did everything except welding, which Jim helped me out with. I'd guess at about 8 hours total work, including stripping both bikes down to their bare frames. It's single-speed with the derailleur right now, but I do plan to have some working gears in the near future. Even though I've only done 5km in the dark and rain, I can assure you this bike is fun as hell!


midnightsimon said...

argh! so jealous!

((lyledriver)) said...

Nice Mielgeot.

A few random points/questions..

1)Did you get wet riding in the rain?

2)What are you doing with the welded areas as far as paint goes?

3)It doesn't look like there is very much chain engagement on the cogs.

4) did you guys weld a step onto it?

5) A SINGLE WEINMAN CALIPER!@)(#&@! At least put Koolstops on it

6)Hows the weight distribution?

7) I want to ride it.

morgman said...

1) I was wearing my rain pants and rain jacket, and didn't get any wetter than I would have riding the fendered Sekine.

2) Clear.

3) That would explain the occasional chain slippage. I need to mount the derailleur hanger on a better angle.

4) No step for now.

5) The brakes work pretty good with the old skool block pads =]

6) It feels good when riding in a normal position. Hard acceleration has the tendency to lift the front wheel, but not uncontrollably. Once I adjust to its handling, I don't see it being an issue.

7) See me tonight.

Nick said...

What's the over/under on this thing getting snapped like a twig the first time it sees a skatepark?


marlo said...


morgman said...

Hahah, hopefully it doesn't snap like a twig. You know I'll be riding into at least one skatepark (this is where the over/under comes in).

It's coming out to Midnight Mass tonight!

Check out my flickr for detail shots:

((lyledriver)) said...

Admit it, you built this just so you could yell "I NEED POLL!!" at every intersection.