Thursday, March 15, 2007

Try'na keep the rubber side down

Crashing isn't uncommon for Project-B; crashing at 25km/h is a bit more rare. Last week, I had a similar crash to what you will see in the video below.

Riding the Sekine, I had just sailed past a car at the front of a stoplight as it went green, and accelerated to keep ahead of him and get into the left turn lane about 30m up. I was spinning at about 120rpm (40+km/h) as I approached the red light at the upcoming T-intersection.

I applied a small amount of brake, and moved to the left lane position. Slowing to about 80rpm (still 25+km/h), I gauged the distance and locked in to a right foot forward skid - my natural foot position. The intention was to slide it out a bit to the left, steer right and into the right lane position, and fishtail to the right - once again my natural way - as I brought the train to a halt.

The next few moments were a blur. The kick to the left worked out alright, and I steered into the right lane position of the left turn lane. I guess it was pretty slippery, as the pendulum motion bringing the back end to the right side just kept on going. Enter the "oh shit, I'm going down" feeling.

Rotated beyond 45ยบ, we'll cue up a quote from Rad:

Christian: "You over-rotated."
Cru: "No shit."

The SPDs unclipped on impact, and I tumbled to a stop on the wet asphalt, 3-4 metres ahead of my bike. Immediately I was up, and spotted my bike and the cars slowly approaching. As I picked up my steed, a lady driving along in the right lane rolled down her window and inquired about my condition. All I could come up with was "yeah, wasn't that awesome?!"

I mounted the bike and rolled up to the still-red light, and trackstanded until it went green. Damage count: ripped bar tape (now fixed up with hockey tape), and a dime-sized scrape on my knee. Not bad for a high speed crash.

Now, on to the real entertainement. Keep your lids on, lest ye be performing The Mash - The Hipster Mash.


((lyledriver)) said...

I hate to say it, but that video would have been better without the screen-cam bangbros video mashed in, and if the crash was shown in real time.

marlo said...

I totally don't understand what's happening in that video. Or, actually, I do. But I don't understand why.