Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Everybody's workin for the weekend!

Holy crap. Another crazy bikey weekend over here.
Friday night I picked up my new ride. N+1. I think I last posted about this on Friday afternoon, when I was giddy like a little girl over the spare parts that Steve so graciously threw in with the sale.

..well. Here's the rest of the deal:

More shots on my flickr

Saturday we did a project-Breakfast, and suprizingly everyone was able to attend. Actions were assigned, food was eaten, no resolutions were made.

After that, Nick came over to wank all over my bike with a ruler. Then I rolled out to Surrey (via rail) for their first Critical Mass ever. There was about 55 people in attendance, and the route was a leisurely loop around the Guilford area. Save for one agro dump truck traffic behaved pretty well, and the mass was a definate success.

Here's some footage from Bob Alstead:

Shortly after that, we all hit the train again, and made it back to Van for the first of the Fixedvancouver Summer Series events. This would be a skid comp, held at a super secret location in the downtown core. Check the Vids:

Big ups to NikC and Duncan for organizing this, and Simon and Joe for shooting vids.

Sunday was another excercise in growing bicycle culture. Carcass3 was held at ScratchKona park. I unfortunately was late, and only got to watch the Panty race. It was worth it however as I got to see KTJ get stuck in her pants while riding her fixie. hotness. The rest of my day was an absolute writeoff.

Tonight I intend on streeting the Cunningham for the first time. Lets hope I can find a long enough seatpost, and that the Bianchi's tires clear the frame..

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