Monday, March 19, 2007

Exciting New Crush

I first saw her hanging in Pedal Metal studios when I was working on my kittenchopper. Black Pursuit style frame, with 20" wheels. Vertical Dropouts, derailleur hanger, strange Affluenza sticker on the bent top tube.

What is it? It's some kind of pursuit BMX, only made for a couple years in the late 80s. It's called a Haro F1.

I took it down, and began dishing an MTB spaced freewheel wheel over to fit in the rear end. Once I had that done, I threw the wheels on, added a layback post and then tried out some different bars on a 130mm MTB stem.

I think I like the look of the risers the best.
I also think I may have to start playing polo if I get this together.

It could be tricky though, as I don't know if I should attempt to fix it or not.
There might not be any provisions for a rear brake, as it originally had a roller drum in the rear hub...

Its so exciting, like after that first real interaction with Scarlett Johanson.

In other Proj-B news: Morgan's tallbike is coming along quickly, blue and white and white and blue. Nick's Triple Tangangle is a freakin anchor, and I predict he will spend more than his budget of ZERO dollars to get it running.

We need silkscreening equipment, so let us know if you've got the hookups.


midnightsimon said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see it when you're done with it!

That particular bike got some interesting discussion on the zoobomb forum a while back..

kati j said...

cool! soo friggin' cool!

((lyledriver)) said...

Thanks Simon, I forgot to post the link to the Zoobomb thread. I like the faired Hutch as well, but thats a unicorn compared the Haro Dart F1.

I wanted to get to the Pedal shop last night but I caught a case of track bike fever and had to sit at home.