Friday, March 16, 2007

3 days, no bike

Today I am the Monster, Oh Daesu.
41/15 again, 100RPM all the way to work.
That's what 3 days with no bike will do.

I didn't see too many cyclists in Milwaukee this week.
6 total, I believe:

1) 60+ year old man in jean jacket on an original USA schwinn cruiser. Dynamo lighting, cigar in mouth, Gatzby cap. The real deal. I imagine this guy got laid off from Pabst when the union took it down.
2&3) Roadies in their 50's, Team kit, Carbon bikes, riding on the jogging path pretty slowly.
4) A binner with a trailer on his MTB
5) Cute midwest looking girl on the MSOE campus, Some kind of 'freeride' style bike
6) Black dude on a racing BMX, gloves, big jeans, minor bling, haulin ass.. bars were all the way south in Chicago (a 15 minute flight from Milwaukee)

No one out there seems to wear helmets. Not even the motorcyclists.

I also made it a point to stop in at Ben's Cycle.
This is in an older part of town, south of the downtown core.

At first it seemed pretty unassuming. Standard lineup of bikes on display. Then I noticed each wall had a glass case to showcase a different style of bike. I went to the 'Track' display to look at the 'Milwaukee' bicycle company track bike they had built up there. Average taiwan frame, nice parts.

I didn't see too much of the stuff that's on their website, so I asked.
The guy there was nice enough to take me upstairs to look at their inventory.
Their 'track aisle' in the warehouse was incredible.
I was overwhelmed. Picture rows of Champ grips in EVERY shade of every colour under the sun, then another shelf of EVERY NJS toe strap in existence..

I only picked up some Cinellis for myself. Just being in there completely erased my mind.

Oh.. and their hubs are nice too. They're the same as the Nashbar/Dimension ones I'm running, but come in Red, blue, Gold, or a coppery brown. (which I would have bought if it were fixed/fixed not fixed/free).

When I got out of the store, mouth still agape, I noticed that they had a second warehouse across the street. Damn.

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