Sunday, February 11, 2007

We Heart Winterbees

Cheesy title, I know, but someone had to say it. I didn't quite manage to squeeze in a street session beforehand like I wanted to, but Team B did represent/nerd it up at the Bike Bee once again.

The Winterbee's more intimate setting and lack of scheduling conflicts helped facilitate a well-attended and highly interactive anti-theft discussion, and it was heartening to see more than a few new faces coming out and participating in the community along with the usual gang of hoodlums. Lyle hasn't been
getting much sleep lately
, so Ifny and I took the lead, and I probably looked pretty hyphy while gesticulating around trying to explain the difference between pin and disc keyways. Forums like these can get bogged down in anecdote-sharing, but Ifny did a great job moderating the discussion and keeping us on-topic, and we managed to get through the most relevant material without playing too deep into overtime. Hopefully we managed to prevent a theft or two, especially of that pretty little neapolitan-liveried fixie on street-narrow Syntace bullhorns, and we also took away a few great ideas for the next revision of the manual, which incidentally could really use a permanent host for the .pdf version.

Before Kelly could get into the demon whiskey and start cursing me out again, I skipped out on the Gateway Sucks party and the Brickhouse as well, and was in bed by 11pm. I also left Lyle and Morgan to their movie date today, which left me to hold down the blogosphere for the day. You never blog alone.

Finally back to work tomorrow. Another dump, another dollar. Still pretty worn out, but just happy to be riding again nonetheless.

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((lyledriver)) said...

My brake workshop went really well too, I think. We discussed the different types of braking systems, their shared components, and what is required for good brakes. Then I got to work recabling and repadding the brakes on a fellow named 'James's (?) road bike with flat bar and single pivot caliper, while explaining the entire process and showing how in depth one can go to tune their brakes.

Afterwards everyone said it was really helpful, and I spent the next hour or two helping people tune brakes outside =]

Then of course, after letting multiple people ride my kitten chopper, I destroyed the crank..

..but thats a story for another post.