Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gateway Sucks

I just had one of the most bizarrre accidents ever this morning.

I was just arriving to work, gliding along the smooth pavement of the industrial park, as I approached the factory. My work has two entrances to the parking lot, along the North side of the road. Since I'm heading East, as I arrive I have to make a left turn into one of the entrances. Normally the first entrance still has the gate closed when I arrive as its still early (and dark).

This morning I saw that it was half open.

(Let me first mention a bit about the gates. THey're only to stop automotive traffic. Its just two horizontal poles, about 10cm in diameter, and 4m long each. They have some triangulation near the hinges at the edges of the entrance to hold them level, and the two poles join in the centre when the gate is locked. They swing open like dutch doors.)

So back to the bike.. I'm making my left turn, towards the first, half open gate. Its open in the direction of travel of people leaving the parking lot. There is a Honda about to be driven out the open part. (lots of people drop off their spouses and head out of the lot at 7am)

My initial plan is to make my turn and get off the street, stopping in front of the closed gate while he goes through, then scoot in behind him.

That plan changed rather suddenly.

As the Honda exited the parking lot, he hit the very end of the closed gate with the A pillar of his car, just at the edge of the windshield. I heard the *Crack* of his glass and let out a little smirk.

"Sweet! he just broke his window while knocking the gate open for me!" I thought, as I went from braking to accelerating to get into the lot through the now fully open gate.

Only through impeccable timing was I able to manage the next part.

The gate swung all the way open, hit its end of travel ..and bounced back. It must have been lubricated recently because I didn't hear it stealthily swinging back towards me.

Just as I was about to pass the now stopped Honda, the very end of the pole (10cm diameter) hit my right thigh, and stopped my body. Completley knocking me off my bike.

I fell to the ground and the driver of the car got out to see if I was okay. I was laughing more than anything, and said I was alright. I then limped through the parking lot and into work.

Once in the shower, I saw that I'm starting to get a big round bruise on my thigh. I guess it would have been much worse if I got it in the pelvic bone or the junk, but still this charlie horse sucks.

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