Tuesday, February 06, 2007

52/12 Here I come

I'm currently trying to find an oldschool BMX Powerdisk right now, to mod my killhlimber/kittenchopper for zoochopping duty.

For those that don't know, a powerdisk is an adapter plate used to put a road chainring onto a BMX crankarm.

See Vintage BMX post with many Power Disks

If I can find this in time, I will be running 52/12 gearing for the zoobomb.
On 16" wheels, that's 69 Gear inches... which is pretty much what I run on my fixie for daily commuting... and everyone knows how fun it is to turn a big gear.

I just spoke with Don from Ride On, and he's going to try to scare me one up =D I'm also going to talk with him about ditching the shocks, and putting on some triple crown chopper forks..

..of course, that might require more than the alleykitten prize money..

Oh.. and check this out for a 3 o'lock snack:


nikcee said...

that trick aint bad for a skate photographer.


morgman said...

I'm sketched out to jump chains on my bmx, the fixie is just another level!

((lyledriver)) said...

I've totally done the chain-hang-up-cartoon-hammock-spin thing before on the BMX. sucks.

Though, lately I've gotten cocky again, and have started hopping the chain in front of Brandon's Water street loft. Its only a foot high though, so not too bad. It will be funny when I do snag it and spin myself around and fly onto the cobblestone street.