Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tony Pereira

Sick 1920's inspired neo-retro 29" MTB:

Read the interview at BIKEPORTLAND.ORG

N1ck doesn't like it. He's entitled to his [wrong] opinion.

I just picture myself riding this thing over the post apocalyptic ruins of a city, without even having to get out of the saddle.

..oh, and I'm wearing robot pants when I do it.


Nick said...

It's a clusterfuck of design cues from Mountain Bike Action circa 1992, to be sure, but at least the bent CCM cruiser-style top tube and bent seat tube form a unified theme with the Thomson layback post, and it gets bonus points for actually making that ghastly Thomson work on a bicycle - any bicycle.

I see a lot of Merlin influence, harkening back to the Newsboy (that predated the Retrotec and the entire neo-classic aesthetic), and that Michelin-airbagged suspension bike with the wacky girder fork.

All it needs are elevated chainstays and a set of Scott AT-3's.

Nice neo-retro up in hea: http://bb.nsmb.com/showthread.php?t=93190

Nick said...

Also, I want Robocop-printed tights.

((lyledriver)) said...

That Skidtown frame is hot. Any pics of it built?

I never did like the Merlin Newsboy. Something abbout the downtube pissed me off.

Also, I thought the layback Thompson looked good on Alan's riced out KHS track.

Gabriel Amadeus said...

here it is finished....

although I don't like it either....


((lyledriver)) said...

okay.. NOW its a clusterfuck.
It looked better raw.