Monday, February 26, 2007

Free Mods

As I busted my ass on Saturday morning, I was left with the rest of the weekend to wallow in self pity. To distract myself from this, I wrenched on the bikes a little bit. Its funny how if you stare at your bicycle long enough, you can always find one more part you aren't satisfied with.

This time it was the axles. You know, those big hardened 14mm chunks of steel holding your cartridge bearings in place. Yeah. Mine were too long. Like, 6 threads too long. THE HORROR! Amazing how much weight you save when you dremel (I verb words) off those 6 extra threads.

I haven't weighed the axle ends yet, but I'd imagine I've saved something like 100grams. Seriously. Thats going to make me hop like 70% higher for sure.

Oh, and I filed and painted the cut axle ends to prevent rust. That should be a given. Even Drillium mods can be done without being ghetto.


morgman said...


midnightsimon said...

ooh la-la mr. clean chain!

((lyledriver)) said...

The chain has less than 40km on it. I built up this BMX on New years eve and it hasn't been nice enough outside to ride it.

Oh, and I weighed the axle ends. They came to 124g. [/weightweenie]

morgman said...

I'd consider that a substantial savings. If you can do that 4 times, you've lost over a pound.

((lyledriver)) said...

I can't do that 4 times.
The axle ends under the pegs don't have as many free threads.

Its funny because there are SO many other things I can think of that would give me more weight savings.

-kevlar tires
-36H front wheel
-new butted forks
-elementary or other new school stem
-aluminum seatpost
-plastic bar plugs
-cutting down the hidden axle ends
-removing pedal pins
-hollow pin chain
-one piece driver and smaller gearing, light sprocket etc..
-carbon headset spacer (n1ck!)

..adn thats without buying anything Ti!

Its all silly though. The axle mod was mainly for aesthetics.

morgman said...

I was actually just saying if you could do the same amount of weight reduction on 4 points on the bike (which you've listed lots of other options), you'd lose a pound. My bmx could use a bit of that treatment; it probably weighs 35lb.