Thursday, April 09, 2009

Do what now?

CX tires are pretty much the raddest thing ever.

I got my bike all set up last night for this weekend's TRACKLOCROSS race.
Ritchey Speedmax 32mm rear tire, Schwalbe CX Comp 35mm front tire (the same model that I filled with screws for ice racing), 40/17 gearings, risers with Ourys. I decided to go with the Oury grips, because the ends are sealed, so if I dropped the bike in the mud, the grip wouldn't start spinning. I think this was a good idea.

This morning I made my way over the pedestrian bridge to Randalls/Wards Island to survey the conditions and ride off road. I pretty much did a perimeter ride, trying to figure out what nasty spots were going to be used in the race.

There's a lot of construction going on, and some of the earth is so soft you sink right in. CAT tracks look solid, but aren't. I only went over the bars once, and that was trying to cross a rut sideways.

Needless to say I'm completely stoked for the race.

I should also mention that Sunday eve this weekend is BIKE SHORTS in NYC:

Completely unrelated: This reminded me of the best of the MC3 rides:

Parabellum - The best video clips are here


The Witch Hunt said...

lyle use lock on ourys, they can be totally submerged(or ridden in vancouver rain) and they'll never come loose.
this shit looks like fun!!

kale said...

I checked it out yesterday as well (good weather) - Got bugged a ton by security guys near the construction sites but other than that I can't wait for the shitstorm of mud from the rain tonight and tomorrow morning.

I've got 35s on both ends, and I'm hoping the choice of traction over mud clearance isn't the bad decision when it gets messy.