Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A brief moment in history: Valentino Zippicelli

Valentino Zippicelli in 1929 on his 110mm deep balsa wood rims. he won the 1929 TDF on them, but all of his victories were removed from history by the UCI, to "keep the sport pure", for his use of aerodynamic products. He shattered the old hour record with a 52 minute time, and even stopped midway for a glass of wine! Incredible!

(thanks Cooper)


mander said...

4/1 mander fail

gabrielamadeus said...

But his mustache is so ironically un-aero!

Hustle Jr. said...

And then he escaped to Speedway, Indiana and built sports cars. THEN he went on to found ZIPP and create more stuff that got banned by UCI.