Monday, April 13, 2009

Best Day Ever

Here's a great video I got to see at Bike Shorts last night. Its from that hilariously bad ass team of bike polo ne'er-do-wells, Los Marcos. From what I understand, their 'Best Day Ever' Doesn't actually involve playing any bike polo.

Los Marcos' Best Day Ever from Ken Stanek on Vimeo.

Right now I think MY best day ever would involve my new tallbike. A bunch of traffic. Probably some Sparks (we hardly knew ye). ..and it would be sunny and warm.

None of this crazy winter storm crap. Its so odd and unpredictable. I saw a guy selling shaved ice today!

..on Saturday (the day of Randall's island Tracklocross) it was near freezing and rainy with gale force winds. That actually made for a pretty fun race. Surprisingly 42 people entered. I managed 8th or 9th. I'm not sure. It doesn't matter though. I had a blast. My bike performed quite well with maximum diameter tires jammed into the frame. All the extra water helped to clear my fork and stay bridges from clogging up with muck. My rims and fork came out unscathed, and even my drive train has forgiven me after a good hosing down..

Interesting tangent: After finishing hosing down my bike with hot water on the roof of an art space in Queens, I handed the hose off to a fellow I didn't know. He had a carbon Ridley cx bike, with knobbies. Since that was illegal in the race, I quickly deduced who it was.. "Oh were you filming?".. "Yeah Hi, I'm Lucas". Thats right kids. I finally got to meet Lucas Brunelle!

Heres a gallery of Tracklocross shots courtesy of Gabe and Kierie.

I may leave my Spicer in off road mode for a while longer. I took it to the Bronx today for some urban warfare, and it held up well. 40psi CX tires eating up 2" pavement seams. The only issue came about with a 45lb backpack, and riser bars. That puts more pressure on the saddle than I am used to.

I could use some shaved ice.


morgman said...

I'll be there on Friday with road tires. Road Tires. Unless you want the extra workout.

((lyledriver)) said...

Oh. Bring me some extra road tires!