Monday, March 23, 2009

Projekt: Race Recon

I hadn't ever been to Randall's Island. Or Ward's Island. Or Great Barn Island. In fact, I don't really know what to call it. them. they? I've ridden by the Harlem River pedestrian bridge all winter, and marvelled at its fully raised glory. This bridge is seasonal, and only opened this past weekend. Today I rode over to investigate.

Why am I drawn here?
The thought of mud.

Team Wreckstuff put together a riduculous Projekt-B worthy race series last year entitled Mud Sweat and Tears, which consisted of Tracklocross, Sludgement Day, and Harlemegeddon Alleycatastrophe. Even the snob poked some fun at it, which I recall reading from across the continent. Clearly it wasn't just fad, but a TREND. This past year in NYC I met some of the Wreckstuff crew at their RAT PACK Hustle sprint series. A solid bunch of cycle hoons if I do say so!

The events went off so well last year, that they're bringing it back.

The rules are simple. There are TWO rules:

1. FIXED OR SLICKS: Your bike must either have either a fixed gear, or slick tires no fatter than 25mm. Want to ride your cyclocross bike? Fine, as long as you throw proper road tires on it. Wanna ride your fixed gear? Great. You're allowed to use cross tires. What? You only ride singlespeeds? All right, just make sure it has slicks.

2. SPECIAL TRACK BIKE CATEGORY: There will be a special prize for the highest-placing rider riding a track bike. By track bike, we mean a bike with: a fixed gear, geared at greater than or equal to 49x16 (700x23c). Plugged drop bars. No brakes. Slick tires.

I'll be doing it fixed on cross tires and risers I think. Its too bad I can't run this thing:

I'm stoked!


morgman said...

Fully endorsed. That looks fun as hell. Too bad I'll be a week late.

nikcee said...

the 'hell of the north(cote)' is in a couple of weeks. i'll be riding trackstyle (according to that), with maybe a head nod to 'cross if i can source some cheap 28s. ive been told to 'warm my wrists up' as it gets bumpy out there.