Monday, April 20, 2009

Doing like Romans

When you go to another city, you've got to do some things their way. This is one thing you might want to do in New York: take any Spinergy wheels you find, and put them on a mountain bike that's being ridden on the sidewalk. It's gotta be safer than actually riding them.

On the topic of bike safety in New York, Lyle and I took the day off to convert our track bikes to tarck bikes. I wanted to be able to ride in my Sal 23s, and that ain't happenin' with spd pedals nor toe clips. Rather than risk the Jeff Curry in New York, I've put on a brake to complement the Jim C pedals from Lyle's Megatron. We're also changing gears to give the Vallie cog threads a few more cycles.

Doing as Romans, however, is not what we're doing in the following photo. You see, despite what impression the fluted columns overlooking the Hudson River at Inspiration Point may give you, we are drinking novelty-sized PBRs in a public place. That's just not something you do in New York.

Rhiannon, now resident in New York for over eight months, shows us how to do as Romans in Times Square. You see, the overwhelming majority of people there are tourists.

And while you might think that this scene is a result of our friends in Oregon, it is in fact in Rome. Imagine that.

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