Sunday, March 29, 2009

Red Hook Race Report

Incoherent. posting. Tough race. I was in the main pack until about the 7th lap or so. My line got blocked going through the chicane and I stumbled. I couldn't catch up. After that it was a long lonely race. The mist got heavier, so by about the 10th lap the course was slick. I lost the back end on the paint lines a couple times. I got a bit tired and unintentionally aired the cobbles a couple times too. My curb cut shortcut only actually worked to gain me a place once. The other times it was just fun. My rear wheel was about +- 4mm out this morning. Surprisingly I still had air in my tires. I basically got 7th out of 30ish people. Which doesn't mean anything, as I was the LAST one still in the race. God damn I'm a fat ass. Over 2/3 of the race was on the sidelines by the second half. The NYPD are strange. I think we were the main attraction for them last night. We had 5 cop cars I think? Oh well. I met my goals. Stay up, don't get killed, and drink a few beer after its all over.

Here's a vid from Fusco Industries:

After the post race house party (THANKS DAVID), Rhiannon and Andras and I had a great ride over a deserted brooklyn bridge on the slick wood... then a chill roll north on the west side path. Awesome night all around.

Edit: Looks like we made the New York Times

Edit2: Here's a follow up Interview on BikeblogNYC with David Trimble

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tenspeed said...

GOod work of staying in! sounds like some harsh shit.