Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Morning Viewing

Not quite cartoons, but some lols to be found within..

First up, the Erectus Bike concept:

This gets bonus points for incredibly awful love song, as well as a really complicated drive train. I'm also not sure why that 'seat' protrusion exists over the rear wheel.

Next up, the TARC bike rack rap:

For some reason the hook on this jam is ├╝ber sex. Louisville KY is lookin better by the day!

Check this out... the Greenbird land sailing trike lays down a record breaking 202.9km/h! Check out the drift angle!

Lastly, heres a little product placement from S2E1 of the ill fated show "Pacific Blue":


Karl Anderson said...

Without that "seat protusion", if you slip off the pedals, you land on the tire, get slammed forward, and your balls get sucked in between the tire and the frame. DAMHIK.

((lyledriver)) said...

I was thinking it would still be just as painful to have your crotch hit the end of the seat protrusion, and THEN get sucked into the tire.

..Perhaps its there for standing on when pulling some kind of weird surfing tricks?