Saturday, January 24, 2009

An afternoon with WMD

I finally made some progress on the TimeTrialTall today. While WMD tore apart his place looking for stickers, I got to work in his shop.

Thats the steerer, lathed down 25.4mm BMX post, and 1-1/8" sleeve welded up. I made two little M shaped Jigs out of angle iron, and then used them along with the 1-1/8" tubing to rotate it around to make sure it was straight. (delicately adjusting it to perfect colinearity with a mallet)

So now the compression fit 25.4mm post is permanently in the steerer, and the 1-1/8" sleeve on the right is permanently attached to the 25.4 post. I ensured good weld penetration by notching the end of the 1-1/8" sleeve and filling them with weldment.

Now that just needs to all be compression fit into the oversize steerer and welded up. I'm not using any bolts, but I've figured out a way to get the welding strong enough throughout the steerer.

I also built a new rear wheel for it a while ago. Its an Easton Tempest 2, relaced to a NOS 28H Velocity 'Aerohead Deep V' (before they just started calling it a deepV). The crazy thing about the Tempest 2 is that its half radial, and has wildly butted spokes that are threaded on both ends. Thankfully it originally had a rim with a very similar ERD to the Deep V.

Here's what the yet to be mitered Fuji frame looks like against the Peugeot.

I should probably put the 26x1" tire I've got on that Spinergy Spox front wheel for better perspective next time I do a mock up shot.

Today I also figured out a much better way to sleeve the carbon fork's aluminum steerer into my oversize extended steerer too, and its going to be amazing. (hint: no bolts, no welding)

I'm still debating on how to set up the drivetrain. WMD and I were discussing the different methods of having it set up with dual chains, utilizing the fuji's bottom bracket. For now though, I think I'll just add a derailleur tab to the left stay of the Fuji, and run it 1x9. THat should give me the range I need, and suite the Time Trial aesthetic that I'm going for.

I absolutely cannot wait to take this bike on its first weekend trip up the 9W to Nyack!


Anonymous said...

cool! are you going to strip the frames and paint them?

((lyledriver)) said...

The front frame will be painted black. I'm going to leave as much red paint on the Fuji as possible. I want some ridiculous decals for it.

CyclingWMD said...

Oh come on! I wasn't just looking for the decals, the FLOOR is what I was really after!!

morgman said...

I'm stoked to see this project continuing.