Saturday, November 29, 2008

high speed lathing

Check out this ridiculous photo Alan snapped of my high speed steel lathe setup:

What blows me away is that you can actually READ the disk on the 4.5" disk grinder THAT IS SPINNING AT OVER 10000RPM!!!

Not having access to a lathe, I had to get creative. This steel BMX post has to be turned down from 22.2mm to 21.0 to be interference fit into a steerer tube. In order for the grinding to remain concentric, I've mounted the post into a drill chuck by way of a 1" star nut. This setup worked remarkably well, and it was easy to get the tube to the right diameter.


gabrielamadeus said...

I was guffawing at your measurements down to .1mm, now I know you're just batshit nuts. Good luck! And pick up a bigger hammer, you'll need it before you're through.

((lyledriver)) said...

Scoff all you want Gabe, I have digital calipers =]

You know how we roll at Proj-Batshit nuts.

morgman said...

Gabe was trying to get the Freakfiets running the night before the show, and was asking me some questions about American BBs. I was unable to give him the short answer he needed about how to get the thing out because I had to go into a longwinded explanation about chainline and different spindle specs. Proj-Batshit nuts, indeed.

gabrielamadeus said...

hey, the BB hasn't fallen off yet!