Saturday, January 31, 2009

Groovy Steerer tube video

WOW. Rody just put this vid up today on the Groovy Blog, and its awesome because this is the technique I'm using to create the steerer tube on my tall bike. Press fit, drill holes, fill holes with weld. so rad. It really felt good to watch this and know I'm going about this the right way.


Here's my attempt:

It turned out pretty well, but not nearly as classy as Rody's. As long as it works I'm happy though.

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Chuck said...

that's a cool video. I'm going to be building a chopper soon, and I've been worried about how my extend-o-fork technology will work. this gave me some ideas on how to do it better than just a plain ol' butt weld. I totally didn't even think about drilling holes and plug welding them.