Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frozen in time

On this icebound morning of the first month, my two wheeled gentleman's conveyance became some what of an H.G. Wellian time machine. I was transported back a century, to the bustling banks of the Hudson River, where a new era of industry was occurring. No longer would the street carriages and light rail spew soot, oil and steam into our air. We would soon be powering them on clean quiet electricity!


The steam driven generators at the Yonkers Power Plant were in service for over 50 years, before the demands of the Eastern railways became to much for this monster of stone and iron. I imagine the lights dimming as a full train pulled out of the station. Soon, it was time to turn the power off, and remove the heart of this machine.

Then.. another 50 years passed. Now frozen snow floats down in the great generator hall, from holes in the skylight panes. The basement floor is glass smooth ice, from where its flooded areas have become solid. This is progress.

Lets look to the past for some more inspiration, shall we?

I imagine this is what I must look like to most automobile drivers encountered on the streets of Bronx NY. Elegant. Regal. Gentlemanly.

It is discovered that one can cycle at great speeds, if the air is broken in front of the rider.

If one wants to go very fast without assistance, one has to lower their frontal area

... or strap rockets to their bike.

The large wheels on this bicycle allow it to traverse all sorts of terrain.

I think we all know that bicycles can go where motor vehicles cannot. Even places you wouldn't want to go.

Could this be the bicycle track of the future? Just imagine cruising through the city, elevated above the street carriages, horses, and layman.

Of course, sometimes its fun to go absolutely nowhere at all.

There's always something to be learned from where we came. I hope you've enjoyed this trip through time with me today.


Anonymous said...

combine the rocket bike with the rail bike and you've got my vote...for whatever. it doesn't matter, really.

morgman said...

If we're voting for hybrids, I want the giant-wheeled bike with the generating turbine on it.

Cruiz said...

i want the original rollapaluza ladies.