Tuesday, December 04, 2007


All kinds of awesome. I keep thinking about this, and the legality of it.

According to section 119 of the BC MVA:
"cycle" means a device having any number of wheels that is propelled by human power and on which a person may ride and includes a motor assisted cycle, but does not include a skate board, roller skates or in-line roller skates;

The Ontario Ministry of Transport says:
A bicycle is a vehicle that:
-has steering handlebars and is equipped with pedals
-is designed to be propelled by muscular power
-has no age restriction for operators
-can be operated on most roadways (e.g., not allowed to travel on 400 series highways)
-cannot be operated across a roadway within a pedestrian cross-over

A "low-speed vehicle" means a vehicle, other than an all-terrain vehicle, a truck or a vehicle imported temporarily for special purposes, that:
-is powered by an electric motor,

Okay, so its not a bicycle, and its not a Low speed vehicle.. so what is it?

Slow moving vehicles
(2) The following are slow moving vehicles:
1. Farm tractors and self-propelled implements of husbandry.
2. Vehicles (other than bicycles, motor assisted bicycles and disabled motor vehicles in tow) that are not capable of attaining and sustaining a speed greater than 40 kilometres per hour on level ground when operated on a highway. 1994, c. 28, s. 1.

Slow moving vehicle sign
76. (1) No person shall operate a slow moving vehicle on a highway unless a slow moving vehicle sign is attached, in accordance with the regulations,
(a) to the rear of the slow moving vehicle, if no trailer, implement of husbandry or other device is being towed;
(b) to the rear of the rearmost trailer, implement of husbandry or other device that is being towed by the slow moving vehicle, if one or more trailers, implements or other devices are being towed. 1994, c. 28, s. 1; 2002, c. 18, Sched. P, s. 21 (1).

So, According to everything I'm reading here, this car would be perfectly legal to cruise around Toronto if there was an orange triangle on the back. Rad.


nikcee said...

they should probably wear helmets... just to be safe.

that and hook up their electrics so they can have working blinkers and maybe brake lights. that wouls ilence even more 'official' concerns.

Robert said...

That seems correct. Although I feel that with the slow moving vehicle comes:

160. No driver of a vehicle or street car shall permit any person riding upon a bicycle, coaster, roller skates, skis, toboggan, sled or toy vehicle to attach the same, himself or herself to the vehicle or street car. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 160

Arguably, the 'driver' will face penalty. Though with all four interconnected, the debate over who exactly who is being towed could be fairly amusing for the four in the car.

The best is to replace the 'steering wheel' for 'steering handlebars'; and be classified as a bike.

morgman said...

A flat bar T-handle for a steering axis would be great. You could ride around doing barspins every corner!

That could be something worth reading through at work for me.