Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day Madness

I've taken to both the Cheetah and the Bianchi with Morgan's rotary tool.
The smell of hot iron filings lingers in my apartment.
What the rotary couldn't do, an old hand drill takes care of.
The stripped chuck key barely clamps the bit tight enough.
The Cheetah is ready for a 3/16" chain. Yes.
The Bianchi is ready for it's leather spats. Yes.
Projekt Black and Decker. Yes.

I'm debating leaving the house to procure supplies.
Its easier to just read bike design articles and listen to Richard D James.
You think Pacific Fasteners has a Boxing day sale?

Oh yeah, and I've measured my spoke keys.
Black Park = 3.28mm
Black Filzer = 3.22mm
DT Swiss Nipple = 3.24[+-0.01]mm
What the crap?
If there's one thing I hate, its having to modify a tool before it is used.


morgman said...

Speaking of measuring tools prior to use, I'd like to see a digital caliper on the Filzer cone wrenches. Ai-ya.

mander said...

Sounds like you finally got some vernier calipers... congrats Lyle. My father in law got me a steel Lee Valley set for xmas; naturally, I'm stoked.

((lyledriver)) said...

Yeah, I picked up a nice Caliper set recently and have been measuring everything from pieces of paper to my sugar intake with it.

midnightsimon said...

the cheetah looks HOT mang

morgman said...

And to think that I'm still using a plastic Lee Valley caliper (guaranteed accurate to the millimetre), which only was acquired during the summer.

morgman said...

I want to see that 3/16" chain grinding grooves in the Cheetah's seat stays.