Thursday, December 20, 2007

Don't be a mander kids, look out for cracks in the areas around your spoke nipples.

Part of Team Kommutard just took one for the team. Here's Andrew's story about the failure of a Sun Assault rim on the front of his Marinoni commuter fixie. We look forward to hearing about any replies from Sun's warranty department.
OK, this one happened this morning, coming west along the Adanac bikeway. i had just passed a roadie commuter going up a hill and was heading down the next dip, picking up speed for the Renfrew hill. Suddendly my front wheel got mushy and i went over the bars. As you can see from these pictures, my rim (Sun Assault, 1 year old, ~9000 kms) cracked. Then the commuter i had just passed rolled right by me without saying a word...maybe he thought i had stopped for a rest :( The casualties: my wheel, my fender, my nitto noodles, possibly my tire, and to some extent, me. I lost some flesh under my chin, got some road rash and hurt my back a bit. Luckily I wasn't hurt worse---it probably helped that the front end crumpled under me, lowering my center of gravity and getting me to slide across the road instead of slam into it. Oh well, that rim sucked anyway, the braking surface is way too small. Don't be a mander kids, look out for cracks in the areas around your spoke nipples.

Here's some cracking around a nipple a little ways off from the break.


((lyledriver)) said...

This is so freakin awesome.

Though, it does make me a little wary about relacing my 12000km old Aerohead, thats already been tensioned, hit, detensioned, and tensioned/hit a billion more times.

nikcee said...

mander pretty much wins 'commutard of the year' award for me. he rides hard, fast and long... and does it in pseudo-commuter fashion.

lyle - you get an honourable mention

morgan too for his fashion over function.

mander said...

Thanks a lot nik. I'd like to thank proj-b for their influence on the direction i took as a cyclist, Duncan and you for organizing all the awesomeness this year, and of course all my homies. :D