Friday, December 14, 2007

Last Commute. EVER.

I had forgotten that were textbooks in my desk. I felt I should keep them. Combined with the shoes, extra clothes, and other office odds and ends, I was in for a slow ride. Not to mention the emotional drainage of leaving that place. My Welgo pedals are destroyed again. This time its the bearing. I think one of them lost a seal a while back. It made odd chirps that reminded me of 'Dancer in the Dark'. My shoulder was burning by the time I creaked up to the crest of the hill at 37th.

I went left to visit Morgan at Fra-33. He offered a french press. Having not been able to stomach coffee earlier in the day, I gladly accepted.

I ended up taking Glen home. It was slower. I was slower. I wonder why I didn't try this block before.

Everything else was textbook.


mander said...

Co0ngratulations Lyle!

Anonymous said...

now just remember this and don't wake up monday morning to go back there.

Nick said...

Just how many pedals has Lyle broken, anyway?

Does he buy them in bulk now?

morgman said...

I have exchanged four sets of pedals on the same purchase. First was a pair of M520s that I didn't use. Then it was a pair of Wellgo WAM-19s that felt super slippery and had a seal failure upon their first crash. Next was a possible bent spindle on another pair of M520s, just before SHOW-USYR-BOBS. Recently, I exchanged that set as they had started clicking.

After having to explain this entire timeline to the dude, he said that I might want to look for some better pedals next time. I told him that I was already buying their best mountain pedals, and the only reason I'd get anything more expensive is if I felt like the warranty was too much hassle.