Tuesday, December 04, 2007

For the Roadies

"Hello all that were on the [x] ride today. I had had several reports that there were flats on this ride and people did not have pumps or spares. You must have 2 spare tubes and a pump that works on all rides. No excuses. Secondly, while I was not on the ride I can imagine some of these flats may have been caused by either older worn out tires or riders using race oriented tires. For winter riding it is also mandatory to have all equipment in good working order and the proper equipment. Please replace any tires that are worn or take off race tires and put on winter type heavy duty training tires. Any tire that has the words " race, lite, light, ultralight" etc on the sidewall means they do not stand up to all the debris that is on the side of the road in winter due to rain and snow. Save these for races. Make sure you are prepared for next week as [y] can get angry like a bear." - [z] listserv

1 comment:

((lyledriver)) said...

Thats rad.

You mean I shouldnt be commuting on my 19mm tri compound kevlar race lite lights with latex tubes?

I kind of want to roll with the EV ride just once to check it out.