Monday, January 29, 2007

When I say Shitshow, You say MASS!

When I say Skylar, you say CRASH!





Now we go to VGH just like that!

Hope you feel better soon Skylar. You can credit me with taking your bike apart. (Though it was Momentum Amy's bright idea)

Another hectic weekend.

I began my minibike 'training' today.. which means I rode the new chopper to work.
Rather, I rode it to the skytrain, then rode it down the extremely steep Patterson hill.

Handling- predictable, with a decent turning radius
Gearing- low, but managable.
Ride- smooth, but a little bouncy while sprinting.
Tires- loud
Brake- fade

Okay.. so the brake needs a bit more work.
I'll have to get a mountain lever, and possibly file part of the caliper mount.
Right now I have the option of dragging pads, or a brake without enough power.
..and the knobby tires have got to go if I plan on keeping up with the Portlanders.
(who will incidentally be rolling 12 deep at the ALLEY KITTEN)

Minibike Winter Promo Vid:

I'm not going to get cocky just yet, but this ride feels fast... for a mini.


midnightsimon said...

hey everybody, I hear helmets are the new black!

wear one!

Nick said...

Especially if you have a black helmet!