Sunday, January 14, 2007

Straight Choppin' it.

Some of you may know, I'm franticly working to finish a chopper I've had in the works for almost a year. I got a sudden spark of motivation back in November, and its only now (after the holidays) that I have a deadline. I want to race this thing at Minibike winter. In order to qualify for that, the bike must have wheels no larger than 16". I originally planned to put a 20" rear and a 26" front on it, but now am curious as to how it will handle with sweet sixteens. The long rear end should give me a pretty huge range of wheel sizes.

This weekend I went down to Pedalplay and really got to work fitting the back end together.
I cut the 4° 6mm slots in the stays for the dropouts, and angle-radius'ed them to the bottom bracket and seat tube respectively.

Its coming together pretty well so far.
Theres still some minor alignment to do, but its almost ready for welding.
Using the tow strap worked pretty well to hold it together while
mocking up, and was a snap to undo and remove a stay for filing.
(Though, it pulled the dropouts on a bit of an angle. The pix are not
of the final fit.)

I still haven't found a suitable rim to build into a wheel with that disk hub, but I'll be working on that this week.

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morgman said...

The disc hub is rad, but I think you should just find a coaster wheel for the 16" version. Fabrication is looking good though.