Monday, January 22, 2007

No rest for the wicked

It seems I get more done in the two days of the weekend, than the other 5 days of the week.

Friday afternoon I was feeling multi-modal (read: sick and low energy), so I took the bus/train to downtown after work. This cost me $3.25, and only saved me about 15 minutes, but it saved a LOT of energy.

Interestingly, the bus driver informed me that I would NOT be allowed to take my bike on the bus if it were any darker (this was at 4:10pm). The bus was a New Generation New Flyer, with the headlamp/bike rack issue. From what I could tell, my bicycle did NOT obstruct the headlights.

Courier Article on the New Flyer headlamps

The online Translink schedule STILL shows that little 'bicycle access' icon for the 116 route WELL after dark. Which is strange, as the site has been updated with a Press Release.

I guess an email to Translink is in order...

Once downtown, I met up with Henry at Bikeworks and he let me paw through their minibike wheel selection, until I had found something suitable. My only REAL criteria were: 16", straight, steel, preferably with similar flange size to my cassette hub (which I didn't have with me). Henry is quite knowledgable and was curious when I was telling him of my mini chopper build idea. He told me I could dremel out a Shimano cassette cog if I wanted to fit it on the coaster hub. That is something to consider if my cassette hub doesn't work out. Anyways, I walked out with this for very little money:

Saturday's sun was stunning to say the least. I hooked the BOB trailer up to my bianchi and made my way West to purchase a disk wheel and Rock Shox from a Craigslister in Kits.

On my way down Union, (with the trailer in tow) I had a truck run a stop sign and pull out right in front of me. This forced me to do my first trailered emergency stop. I grabbed the brake and locked up the rear wheel, hockey stopping short of the truck's fender. Suprisingly the trailer didn't push me over during this maneuver. I suspect it would if it weren't empty. I also have a feeling this stop was really hard on my rear hub, more on that later.

I made it safely out to Blenheim, which was a bit farther than I thought, and met up with Dave. Nice guy. He threw in a brake and a headset along with the fork and wheel. I won't be using this stuff right away, but its good to have as I intend to have front and rear disk brakes on the chopper eventually.

A lovely B:C:Clette met me out there and we made our way to Granville Island for coffee. Ah.. nothing like threading the cars congesting the penninsula on a Saturday afternoon. Leila was working too. I wonder if she's still riding to work.

After that I hit up Budgies, and then made my way up to Fraser and 33rd to deliver Project-Budgies to Morgan. I relaxed in the cemetary for a bit before making my way back North.

Along the Windsor st. bike route, I got called a 'Bobarian' by another cyclist towing a trailer.. It was our resident cycling Poet, Lee! He had a two wheeled, ladder framed trailer about 10' long. His plan was to move some of his victorian furniture with it. Will the wonders of human powered transport never cease!?!

I thought I was almost done for the day, but on Commercial Drive, I ran into Skylar and Tim outside of the Bump'n'Grind. They convinced me to come check out the bike polo at Granview park..and so I did:

As it was such a beautiful day, there was a LOT of bikers out. More hot bike porn from the polo grounds can be found on my Flickr.

By late afternoon I was feeling pretty wiped out. There was to be a "Scandalous" biker party at 1843 William, to welcome their new roomate Tara. I couldn't do it. I was still feeling sick, and just couldn't handle another party. I'm old. fuck.

Sunday I got my grocery on, without the help of BOB. Mainly because my bike was still in high gear, and I didn't feel like flipping the wheel. I can always make more small trips.

I then hit up the BIKE BEE potluck and planning meeting. Much delicious food was eaten. It seems I've taken on the task of doing a brake workshop. Thats cool. I like brakes, I like dialing them, and I like for other people to understand how these things work.

After that I rolled down to the Pedal Metal Studio to work on the chopper with Jim. I finished up my mitering, and closed up stays where they meet the dropouts. After that it was tacked together, and fitted up. Jim was impressed with my system for holding it together, and it turned out pretty straight. The only things left are adding a couple of bridges for stability, and possibly cleaning up the welds. No pictures of course, as I forgot my camera. Just believe me when I say it looks sick.

I took my hub home with me, and tried lacing it to that 16" wheel. I think I may need to get creative in order for the two cross pattern to work.

..and speaking of work, here I am again.

Oh yeah.. This morning I flipped my wheel over, and felt the bearings in my hub. They're shot. I'll have to hit up BC Bearing or something for replacements.


Sarah said...

Hi Lyle its Andrew here posting from the gf's blogger account. I was heading down Gaglardi Way tonight from SFU, and flatted down at the bottom where it intersects with como lake. Dammit... the one day my pump is not in my bag and I had a thing to go to out in the suburbs. I figured I would go up to North Road and take the 97 B Line (the major arterial bus in that direction) northeast. Ha ha! !!! it turns out 97's don't carry bikes after dark!!!!!! A combination of bumfuck suburban buses with bike racks that work in the dark, and rollin on my rim, saw me to my destination and half an hour late. You suck Translink. :(

morgman said...

Hey Andrew, you're not the only one to be inconvenienced by suburban bus/bike discrimination =[

No gas stations for air along the way?

Andrew said...

Haha, i thought of that but I didn't have my presta adaptor either. Gaah! Well that was my preparedness lesson for this year.

kati j said...

i feel that translink bullshit as well. AND I WANT TO SAY THAT HENRY IS LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME. I have spent more time with him than anyother mechanic in vancouver and learned tonnes. (the canadian spelling)