Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fastest Courier in the Drome...

Yep. Project-B's Morgan is officially the king of courier town.
Expect footage soon.

On a related note, he's going to get himself a spiffy yellow track bike today.

I in comparison, am slow, and am presently building myself a new bike. Maybe (just maybe) I'll be able to beat him in next months winterbomb.

Which reminds me.
Heres a banner. Check the site out:

Oh.. and one final piece of news. As of today, I am carfree. I let my insurance lapse, and just don't feel like putting it back on the road. I've got a BOB trailer, and some raingear so I should manage.


midnightsimon said...

my favorite part about the courier race is that there was 1 courier in it.

morgman said...

Sascha and Camilo both courier currently, and Mike has done so in the past.

Re: Zoobomb bike: 55 gear inches ain't got nothing on foot power!