Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hoon of the Year

Flat-four flatland? Is rallycross the new cyclocross? 0-60 Magazine makes a strong case in Ken Block for Jalopnik's "Hoon of the Year" honours:


mander said...

If that was all from one take, my mind is completely blown. Either way, holy moly that guy can drive.

((lyledriver)) said...

Hey Nick,
Glad to see you can still log in=]

I'm voting for the Sidekick jump as hoon of the year.

...and speaking of hoons, got any update on your Vitali/Olmo/243 workbike situation for us?

I'm just wishing i had a bike project to work on, and would like to live vicariously through you guys.

Hustle Jr. said...

Impressive, but have you seen this?


Nick said...

Can we get some grind plates welded onto that Subaru's undercarriage?

Matthew said...

Ken's a nice guy. Nuts and good at something that isn't all that necessary, but nice. He does some impressive driving... almost makes me miss my WRX.